Monday, 10 April 2017


At certain point you realise that, no matter how much you fight to keep things under control, events will always have a certain degree of unpredictability. Understanding it will cause suffering at first, but then you will be aware and awake. By awakening, acceptance will come to your life. Accept that unhappy moments or episodes can come to your life when you don’t expect them or even if you refuse them. By accepting, instead of controlling, you will get peace of mind.
If your suffering is caused by other people’s behaviours towards you, start to accept that everyone has the freedom to act as they want, no matter your judgement about their actions and no matters your love for them. Drop your will of controlling and set yourself free. Accept that life is a journey and sometimes you are supposed to walk alone. Some other times you will find someone on the way who will fill your soul with their smile.
Never give up. Don’t allow other people or events to hurt you. You have the power of choosing, every single day, what life you want to live. Chose to accept that things don’t always go as you planned and that there is a universe of beautiful things and people that will get to your life. Nothing is for ever. Accept that you are flowing and things can always change. It is a circle of feelings and actions: suffer, awake, accept, enjoy!

Train yourself to be free, because there is no greater happiness than acceptance and freedom.