Thursday, 24 October 2013

Me as you

Probably you are suffering in this moment: probably you lost someone in your family, you have cancer, you are suffering from anger, you are feeling the lack of love, or you are depressed, you had an abortion, you were abused when you were young, your relationship with your partner or your best friend has ended…or maybe you just hate your job, you miss home, your mind is always in the mode of “being sad”. Maybe some feelings are worse than others; maybe you hate the world and yourself, God and all the life around you. What does it matter? Suffering is suffering.  And you suffer, as I do. Probably you suffer more than me and there are other people who suffer more than you and others more and more… It doesn’t matter how and for what you are suffering. Just assume that suffering is part of life. As a human being I’m often unhappy, sad and scared. I judge and I feel judged, I cause pain in other people and I receive the same. I could beat my head against the wall time and time again until I finally realize that some things have to go in a direction and I can’t do anything to change them. With all my effort I will fail. And I will suffer.  Simply because I’m under this sky and I’m not perfect at all. Me as you.

So what I (you) can only do is taking one step at a time, looking around me (you) and start to appreciate again the nice things I (you) can enjoy.  Things like the sun that rises up in the sky, the smile of an innocent child, a hug received from a stranger, the beauty of a landscape, the music offered by a musician in the street, the hot coffee in the cold days, the shining warm sand under my (your) feet, an interesting book, a piece of bread, the sound of the rain.

You (I) can’t ignore what hurts you (me) but you (I) can also choose to focus your (my) attention on things that make your (my) path sweeter and nicer. And you (I) can walk slowly. Until you (I) will realize that you are (I am) smiling again and you are (I am) strong enough to feel your (my) pain and not be stuck in it.

We can reach our dreams, but only when we start focusing our attention on things we really love, more than on our pain, when we will understand that we can realize something really big with small steps.  No one really knows which one is the right path; it is all about failures and following attempts, all about going and believing we can do what we really love.

Let’s get off the ground, then. Let’s walk together. I am your reflex, you are my reflex. We are all one.

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