Friday, 27 September 2013

Even Superheroes need Sidekicks

As this is a blog for dreamers, I assume that most of us have thought about making something worthy in their life such as changing a bad habit, founding a non-profit organization and saving the planet from global warming.

People all over the world are doing great things, but there are also millions bursting people with bright ideas who fail in turning them into action. Does this mean that some people are better than others?

Of course not! We all have the opportunity to try, try again and then keep trying until our dreams come true and we become superheroes in real life.

Now, I'm developing the superpower to write and post in blogs, share my dreams and inspire people all over the world (or at least I'm trying to). It's great, isn't it? But how is this possible? I have never thought I could do it, before this month!

The answer is really simple: I'm not doing this alone.

Recently I enrolled a Massive Online Open Course in about creativity and innovation. Here is where I met Alessandra, who kindly invited me and Lucy to join her crusade to find dreamers all over the world and collect all their inspiring stories together.

Dreamers, we truly encourage you to contact us and share your experiences, dreams, ambitions and successes. If you are currently working for your dream you will find here people willing to give you advice or a boost to succeed.

Arnoldo Del Toro
Jr. Dreamer

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