Tuesday, 24 September 2013

From words to images: Emili's dream.

en el borde
de los sueƱos

Emili Bermudez is a Spanish artist from Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands). To have a look to her work click here: Emili's photos

She tells us her story:

Since I was born I've been surrounded by love and art, in all their manifestations. My father was a great reader, a professional singer, amateur photographer, and apprentice carpenter. In my house there was always music, books, the smell of sawdust and developing products. With him I learned to appreciate beautiful things: visits to art galleries, walks with him carrying a camera around his neck, car trips with music ... And so I grew up. So no wonder I started scribbling on blank sheets with little thoughts, I got lost in bookstores looking at works of great artists, caressed the keys of a piano. Gradually my imagination, my creativity grew, as well as my need to express myself, to take outside everything that was inside me. I started writing little poems in prose, but felt it was not enough and I needed to express more. Like an iceberg, there was very little that appeared on the surface. Then, out of nowhere, the picture appeared. I used to couple my texts with images of other artists and, after many years training my eyes with wonderful visual works, I was buying my first secondhand camera. Almost without realizing it, I was surprised by merging two passions: I took pictures which I edited until they could almost talk by themselves and I coupled them with my prose. Gradually, without realizing it, I was fulfilling a childhood dream: I wanted to be like all those people who taught me that expressing themselves through art, words, light, sound, enriches the soul and brings us closer to our true selves.
Now I'm really close to realizing my dream: editing a photographic and prose book which shows how I learned to appreciate the world and its beauty: Emili's project.

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